Futures Fair 09- Settlement

Structures and New Paradigms

Futures Fair 09- Settlement Event

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Futures Fair 09- Society & Stimulus a season of distinctive seminars that give you an opportunity to engage and network with a diverse range of professionals!

Mobility, a social life, education, diversity, excitement and services are things that attract people to cities. Our understanding is that they are essentially either compact or dispersed in form. Current trends in housing, healthcare, media, surveillance and communications are bound to create new behavioural patterns and fluxuating consumer choices that we can already see taking hold today- in pressures on school places, in transport modes, where people work and where people can afford to live.What influence will such demands/choices have on the soft infrastructure of our cities?

How will people forge the future of their cities through their own desires?
What difference will new technologies make?Why do they matter?

With FUTURES LINKS a unique networking opportunity.

Supported by EPSRC www.epsrc.ac.uk


Start Date:

Tuesday 26 May 2009 9.00am

End Date:

Tuesday 26 May 2009 11.30am

Event Address:


66 Portland Place, LONDON, , W1B 1AD, United Kingdom

Event fee:

40 + VAT (46) Discount 34 + VAT (40.10) - multiple tickets available


RIBA Building Futures.

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