This House Believes Concepts of Professional Ethics Are Outdated.

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This House Believes Concepts of Professional Ethics Are Outdated. Event

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Chaired by RIBA President- Sunand Prasad and featuring contributions from Nicholas Ray- architect and author of Architecture and Its Ethical Dilemmas, Indy Johar of 00(Zero Zero Architects), author and innovations specialist James Woudhuysen and Irena Bauman of Bauman Lyons Architects and author of How to Be a Happy Architect.

Professional ethics in a global econony are viewed with an increasing level of opaqueness. The opportunities afforded to an architect by overseas projects and, crucially, finance are more appealing than ever at the close of 2008, where the UK has already entered recession. Most of Europe is set to follow this stagnation in 2009.

The scare availability of finance at home will inevitably lead to ever growing numbers of architects heading not just to China, but other focussed areas of wealth- Moscow and now Abu Dhabi and Qatar most notably. These areas are committed to building in a manner quite unlike anything in the UK and rest of Europe and have both the money and will to do so. These areas are also an increasing source of finance for projects at home. London especially has boomed on the back of investment from abroad- should an architect care or indeed take responsibility for the source of his income?

Building Futures hosts an evening debate at the Surface Design Show that aims to discuss whether an architect should take on new ethical considerations for 21st century economic reality. Do they refuse work and risk collapse or take a purely business- or nihilistic approach-accept all work regardless of location and client. There are many serious implications of how the profession is viewed and the role of architects. Architects have in recent years been purveyors for social good and enviornmental sustainability. Are we ready to again accept an architect who needs simply to make money?

Start Date:

Tuesday 10 February 2009 7.30pm

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Tuesday 10 February 2009 8.45pm

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Business Design Centre

52 Upper Street, Islington, LONDON, N1 0QH, United Kingdom

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