This House Believes there Should be more Sex in Architecture

This House Believes there Should be more Sex in Architecture Event

Wednesday 05 March 2008

In its most provocative debate yet, Building Futures hosts an evening looking at the role of sex and ‘sexiness’ in architecture both in terms of what is built and our perception of the profession.

What we build should encourage and inspire the next generation to take architecture on. The built environment is a key cultural asset and the profession is responsible for maintaining its quality and its reputation. Shouldn’t we be promoting and encouraging a more energetic approach to building that celebrates vitality and daring? Does the current range of domestic architectural offerings promote the profession in the best way possible? Or is the pursuit of vibrant landmarks merely encouraging over the top, brash and, predominantly, masculine gestering offering nothing but mere ‘fizz’ and ego? If architecture is to maintain its serious reputation in an era of very real challenges is it not more appropriate that we celebrate intelligent and responsive building forms that do not rely on gimmicks and veneers to represent the sum of an architects vanity? Does ‘sexiness’ trivialise and risk the reputation of the profession? Dont we need some sensuality in our everyday lives? Is architecture the best way to express it?

We know you all have views on this subject, so come along and have your chance to question the panelists and inform the debate. The evening features contributions from Will Alsop, Ben Addy at Moxon Architects, David Ubaka at Design for London, the GLA’s delivery body for maintaining the quality of design in the capital and writer/broadcaster Jonathan Meades.

The evening is chaired by Philippa Stockley, deputy editor at the Evening Standard’s Homes and Property magazine and is supported by the Evening Standard’s Homes and Property Magazine and Macdonald and Company recruitment

Start Date:

Wednesday 05 March 2008 7.00pm

End Date:

Wednesday 05 March 2008 8.30pm

Event Address:


16 Brewhouse Yard, Clerkenwell, LONDON, EC1, United Kingdom

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Building Futures RIBA

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