City Rebooted

Emerging technologies & the city


Project Outline

Technology is undoubtedly one of the key drivers for change in the 21st century and advances in the last decade have shown the immense potential technology has to change our behaviour, our environment and our way of life. The major technological breakthroughs of the 20th century that helped define the built environment as we know it have been well documented- steel, glass, reinforced concrete and the electric lift; but in contemporary times technological innovation abounds and we are faced with a proliferation of new ideas and advances each promising to change the way we live. Predicting which of these developments will be truly transformative is an impossible science, but exploring the potential implications and applications of a range of technologies will highlight the possibilities ahead of us- leaving us both prepared and in a position to better control our fate.

Building Futures has decided to embark on a major project that will explore the potential impact of emerging technologies on the built environment over the next 20 years, with regards to:

  • The design of buildings and spaces.
  • The way that individuals and communities interact.
  • City scale decision making, planning processes and policies.

The project is in an embryonic stage and is currently being planned out by the Building Futures team. We are initiating the research with a public debate taking place at the Apple Store in London on Thursday 8th July which will explore notions of the data city and pervasive digital devices.

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