Debate Series 2008

This House Believes....

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In 2008, Building Futures will be hosting four new public debates around provocative contemporary and futures oriented issues. Last year the series attracted over 800 people and generated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm in the Building Futures programme and the work of the RIBA.

The debates are a lively and informal way of reaching out to new and diverse audiences and a great opportunity to guage opinion and generate feedback on a range of issues that matter not just to architects, but to the wider public.

The debate series is supported by Macdonald and Company, the Evening Standard’s Homes and Property Magazine and are held at BDP London offices.

Debates in 2008


This House Believes There Should be More Sex in Architecture


This House Believes We Should Fortify Our Cities


This House Believes The Thames Gateway Area is Sunk


This House Believes Globalisation Is Bad For Architecture.

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