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In 2009, Building Futures will again be hosting a new series of public debates around provocative contemporary and futures oriented issues. In 2008, the series attracted a greatly increased number of people and generated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm in the Building Futures programme and the work of the RIBA.

The series is a lively and informal way of reaching out to new and diverse audiences and a great opportunity to guage opinion and generate feedback on a range of issues that matter not just to architects, but to the wider public.

The Building Futures Debate Series 2009 is supported by BDP ,ES Homes and Properties Magazine and Jascot’s Wine Merchants

Debates in 2009

This House Believes Concepts of Professional Ethics Are Outdated

This House Believes the Urban Renaissance Never Happened


This House Believes Mass Housing Targets Fail to Provide Homes


This House Believes Consultation Never Produced Great- Design

This House Believes We Have Lost Sight Of The Future


This House Believes Architectural Education Is Failing to Produce 21st Century Professionals

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