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Post-Recession Future

road to recovery

Tuesday 16 February 2010, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, Surface Design Show, Business Design Centre

Will Hutton
Mark Whitby
Cecile Brisac
Ken Livingstone

Market reform? Green revolution? Small Government? Infrastructure? Radical leadership? Planning reform? Society? The economic certainties of the last decade have been blown away in the past 2 years and there have been countless recomendations, quick fixes and knee jerks emerging from think tanks and governments the globe over as to what to do next. While recent months have suggested a degree of market recovery in the City, there is little sign of the much desired ‘trickle down’ effect for wider aspects of the economy and society. For 2010, the most critical election year for a generation, what will be the policies and the big ideas moulding our towns and cities in the coming decade? What can we do to capture the imagination and critical minds to ensure recovery in the UK does not revert to bad habits in good times?

RIBA Building Futures with The Surface Design Show kicks off election year with an open discussion of the options ahead for business, governance, ecology and society. Chaired by the Imperial College’s Prof. David Fisk and featuring contributions from leading thinkers including former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, economist Will Hutton, engineer and technologist Mark Whitby and Director of the award winning muti-national architectural practice Brisac Gonzalez, Cécile Brisac.

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