This House Believes London Is Full.

Population and Movement


Summer, 20 June 2007 – Architecture Week.

Can London really keep taking more and more? As part of Artchitecture Week, this debate questioned the accepted notion that the city can accomodate as many people as we like. London’s population is set to soar over the next 15 years and such an increase demands that we ask brave questions. Can London’s predominantly 19th century infrastructure of roads, rail and sewerage handle the 21st century city? Should housing density levels increase in order to accomodate such change? Could we in this light rethink the boundaries of the city? Do we build higher or over? Or do we rethink the projections and say ‘no more’?


Supporting- Robert Tavernor and Simon Alford.
Opposing- Vincent Lacovara and Paul Shepheard.