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This year, Charlie Peel at Building Futures, in collaboration with Professor David Fisk at Imperial College London, worked with a team of fourteen third year civil engineers. The project brief extended the work of Facing up to Rising Sea Levels: specifically the ATTACK approach rather than the more conventional defence and retreat methods currently employed.

The town of Canvey Island located in Essex was explored for a relocation project using redundant oil platforms. This community has previously experienced a number of disasterous floods in the last century and has employed the classic defence solution by building sea walls around the island. However, with sea-levels set to rise in the coming years, a more sustainable solution needs to be sought for the future safety of the community against floodying.

The report presents a feasibility study into the relocation of current residents on Canvey Island to a new development located in a flooding zone. However, instead of conventional sea defences the town will be elevated onto a number of redundant oil platforms.

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