Housing Futures 2024

A Provocative look at future trends in housing

In order to design houses for the needs of future users, we need to examine the varied elements involved in the complex range of housing we have today. The housing futures work comprises a series of papers written by academics, built environment professionals and construction industry representatives. The papers consider a wide range of issues that affect housing; social and technological trends, economic and environmental issues and political challenges. The papers are written as a series of future scenarios, examining the issues, drivers and trends that could have a crucial impact on the future of housing.

These scenarios do not attempt to predict the future, but they do generate a number of key questions. These not only provide a framework for debate on what we want our houses to be, but also identify the key choices for everyone involved in delivering housing. If houses that are on the drawing board now can integrate the needs of the future into those of the present, they will be fit for purpose up to and beyond 2024.


For more information on this project contact buildingfutures@riba.org

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