Living with Water

Visions of a Flooded Future

Rochester Bridge Reach

Should there be a longer-term vision for the Thames Gateway? Should we curb future development in the Thames Estuary and learn to embrace flooding?

As part of a broader programme of work by the RIBA looking at the architectural response to climate change, the Building Futures publication brings together five essays from leading professionals and futurologists. They each provide new understanding and insight into the debate, highlighting the opportunity to inject long-term vision into the development of the Thames Gateway.

Our development horizon is stretching further into the future than ever before, largely in response to the challenges of climate change. This publication asks, what the benefits and opportunities are of such a long term vision, and what must be done now to ensure our future communities take full advantage.

The publication aims to stimulate thought on how the challenge of increased flood risk, higher sea levels and our island existence will shape peoples lives and the pattern of our urban settlements. From the perspective of design, planning and policy we will plot our way forward into these changeable waters.

Contributors include:

  • Alan Cherry of Countryside Properties
  • David Price and Reg Ward (former CEO of the London Docklands Development Corporation);
  • Kees van der Sande and Kiran Curtis of KCA Architects ;
  • Kim Wilkie of Kim Wilkie Associates;
  • and Glen Moorley and Paul Ruff of Westminster University.


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Building Futures is currently undertaking further research Facing up to Rising Sea Levels: Retreat? Defend? Attack?

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