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The shape of things to come

Building Futures is currently engaged in an exploration of the future of the practice of architecture. We have been asking questions such as: how will architects work in future? Who will they work for? Where will their work come from? Will their contribution to the design of the built environment be narrower or wider than now? Will architecture survive as a single profession consultancy? What is an appropriate ethics for architecture in the twenty first century? In short – What is an architect? or more significantly – What will an architect be in 2025?

Think pieces

Following an invited seminar held last summer, four of the participants have crystallised their ideas in the following short papers. Intended to be provocative, they are informed speculations about very different scenarios. We are publishing them in order to extend the debate to a wider audience. We hope we can reach both those conventionally working in architect’s offices, and those who have taken their architectural education into work in other fields, related to the built environment or not. If you have a view or vision of the future of practice, please summarise it in the same format as our four contributors and send it to us at if we feel it is relevant to our research, we may include it on our website as part of the ongoing project.

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Next steps…

Building Futures have just finished the next stage of the project – carrying out an extensive piece of research into the future of the way we practice architecture. We have asked: who will design our built environment in 2025? What jobs will architects be doing in 2025? How will practice have changed by 2025?

We will be launching the findings in a publication on 1st March 2011, at the RIBA, with a panel discussion to explore the findings. To book your free place click here for further details.


Practice Futures is a continuing Building Futures project that follows on from our 2003 publication The Professionals’ Choice, and aims to update the publication with a new study into the current shape of architectural practice, and how it might changing over a 10 year horizon.


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