Dallam School, Cumbria

06 June 2008

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In its fourth game event of 2008, Building Futures stayed in the North West and Cumbria to pilot the toolkit with Year 10 students at the Dallam School in Milnthorpe. It was the first time the Game has been used by young people and offered an exciting opportunity for the class to take on the role of planners and regeneration consultants in mapping out the future of their community.

Traditionally a medieval market town on the southern border of Cumbria, the quiet town of Milnthorpe is looking to commence a programme of regeneration, and students at Dallam School lead the way with a range of responses to the challenges facing their area.

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The year 10 Geography class at Dallam produced four distinct action plans for the regeneration of their town. The session enhanced the students study of their GCSE Geography Unit of Settlement (syllabus AQA Geography Specification A)and aimed to bring the subject to life through decision-making exercises based on real life choices. They faced the same options and same criteria as adults playing out the game for real at Lake Windermere on 05 June with the Lake District National Park Authority.

We were delighted that Dallam could share in the piloting of the game. I was hugely impressed by the concepts students were using and their confidence in communicating their ideas. The teamwork was great, with a sustained focus on the task. The game challenged students to be creative about the development of their own community at a time when there is much local discussion about plans for the town. Not only are they better GCSE geographers as a result, but they were also better equipped to take part in the debate.
Steve Holdup- Head, Dallam School

Local member of Parliament, Tim Farron MP will be presented with the students’ class wide masterplan for the town once completed.



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