RIBA London Training

01 April 2008

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The event in April was the first of several throughout the year planned to encourage regional expertise and familiarity with the toolkit, but also gave those who had purchased the Game the chance to gain further insight into its workings.

The format of the session was based on that of a ‘live’ event with the chosen focus centred on the Bankside area of London. Participants were briefed on local area info, key developments and landmarks and instructed to assume a local area stakeholder role. Those playing the game were then to align themselves as one of the following: a community member, commercial developer or business person, service provider or a policy maker. Each of the four groups were then charged with producing a speculative 10 year plan for the future of the area.

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Bankside is one of London’s most diverse districts. For many years it was never regarded as part of central London despite its proximity and as a result of this the area has a very mixed topography and population. This mix is characterised by many small scale industrial units, 19th century warehousing, numerous social housing schemes from most periods of the 20th century, markets and local shops. In the past 15 years these have been joined by a growing number of luxury apartment blocks, prestige office developments, landmark restaurants and facilities serving cultural industries.

The area is therefore pulled between its duel function as an expansion area for central London with its global scale facilities and aspirations and local needs concerning basic services, environmental quality and housing. One of the challenges for the area is managing this mix and producing a vision of place that responds to both user needs and functions.



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