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21 November 2008


The workshop was part of a 2008 RIBA architecture mentoring programme with the SLT aimed at encouraging and promoting a future profession in the built environment to hard to reach groups. It asked participants to imagine what might lie ahead for the future of Lewisham Town Centre- an area close to teh centre and familiar to those taking part.

Mentees in the scheme were asked to position themselves as a stakeholder or somebody able to make change happen and consider: what would you do? What are your aspirations and concerns for the town centre? What ideas do you have for how it could be developed over the next 10 years? What is missing? What should go? What is there except shopping? Is it easy to catch a bus? Are the public spaces stimulating? These are the sort of questions you should be thinking about when considering the area.


In teams the mentees were asked to build distinctive and alternative scenarios for the next 10 years in Lewisham Town Centre using the toolikit as the framework upon which to apply their thinking.

This exercise was aimed at establishing agreement, but also gave young people the chance to get to grips with the process of town planning. This workshop has been used by local councils and architect/planners for real to consider their own towns and to plan for change. By the end of the afternoon they each produced four stories of redevelopment for their local area. The exercise was speculative, so we participants were asked to think big and take the opportunity to express ideas boldly and imaginatively.

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