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Alastair Blyth

Alastair Blyth is a policy analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and works on the Programme for Educational Building. His main focus is the role of innovation in design to meet educational needs and to support better physical learning environments. Current work includes projects on higher education buildings and their role in supporting the needs of education and research, education for sustainable development, buildings for vocational education and training, procurement policy and practice, and futures thinking in educational infrastructure.

Alastair is a UK registered architect and member of the RIBA. He joined the OECD in August 2007 from the University of Westminster where he ran a research programme looking at performance evaluation for higher education buildings. He also taught in the School of Architecture on the Part III programme on professional practice, architectural technology, design management and construction law.

In architectural practice Alastair specialised in project briefing working on a range of education and commercial projects. He co-authored “Managing the Brief for Better Design” published in 2001. Following an earlier career as an editor and journalist for the Architects’ Journal and the RIBA Journal, he continues to write for a range of architectural, property and construction publications.

Prue Chiles and Anna Holder

Prue Chiles combines research and practice with teaching. At the University of Sheffield Prue is the Director of Architecture. She initiated the acclaimed Live Projects programme and has continually forged links between the University and the City. She also directs the Bureau of Design Research, founded by her in 2002 within the School of Architecture, redefining the role of the architect in relation to the university, the community and practice. The Bureau of Design Research carries out a variety of design projects, research consultancy and consultancy projects with both local and national bodies and has built up a reputation for innovation and expertise in the area of school design, community visioning and regeneration and sustainable futures.
This work is augmented by a private practice – Prue Chiles Architects. Formed in 1999, the practice has undertaken a number of innovative buildings including one of the “Classrooms of the Future”. These projects have been published widely in the Architectural Press and often for the basis of further research and/or consultancy.

Anna Holder is a Research Assistant at the University of Sheffield and at the Bureau of Design Research, researching design and education, socially sustainable communal housing, alternative forms of entrepreneurship in design and inclusive methodologies of design and research. She has worked in practice in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape, in the UK and the Netherlands, and is a member of the Voluntary Design and Build architecture network.

Prue Chiles and Anna Holder


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