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all life long and around the clock


Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison is leader of DEGW’s learning and research teams. Andrew has led a number of major international research projects including the European Commission supported research project Sustainable Accommodation for the New Economy, published in 2003 as ‘The Distributed Workplace’ and Project Faraday in 2007 which developed new space and experience models for the teaching of secondary school science in Britain.
He is currently Project director for a major 30 month, DCSF funded, research project into the impact of Personalised Learning on school design.

Other educational projects he has directed included Remodelling and Change Management research and professional development projects for the National College for Schools Leadership, the development of the brief and concept design for the National Skills Academy for the Creative and Cultural Industries, the development of the brief and concept design for the British Library’s new Digital research Centre and estates strategy and building briefing projects for many UK universities including the London School of Economics, Manchester Metropolitan University and Sheffield Hallam University.

He is also Chair of the Centre for the Creative Industries in the Shetland Islands and is a Trustee of the UK Crafts Council.


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