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Solar panels

Should it be a requirement for all new homes to have solar panels?

By 2050, the United Kingdom has a target to cut emissions of CO2 by 80%. Yet, the government realises it is already way off target. A question we could ask is why aren’t all new build homes built with solar panels as a requirement? If new build homes had solar panels and the ability to store energy in batteries, the country would certainly benefit from a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide. The more energy we harness from the sun, the less we need to get from other means i.e. fossil fuels.

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Biomimicry architecture

Inspired by the natural world: The future design of buildings

Since the dawn of man, we humans have had to observe nature to work out how to survive within it. Observing nature, we imitate, synthesise and process what we see and thus, you will encounter many a similarity between man-made designs and nature. In this article, we’ll explore how biomimicry, a term that has been around since the end of the 1900s, is shaping the future design of our buildings.

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