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Sustainable environment

Sustainability and the environment: Why isn’t change happening quicker in the construction industry?

There are changes and trends that impact the construction industry all the time. From increases in prefab buildings, shortages of labour, innovations in technology to introductions of green technologies, etc., construction companies have to stay up-to-date if they want to be competitors in the future of construction. But, is change happening fast enough? What more can the industry do to change how it operates?

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Smart cement

Smart cement: How the future of construction is becoming smarter

One of the most widely used construction materials across the globe is concrete. It is easy to make, low-cost and strong. Concrete means that bridges can span for long stretches across land or water, levies can hold back flooding rivers and buildings can be so tall they seem to touch the sky. But, when was this fantastic substance discovered and how is it changing for the future?

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